Lady in Green

I was asleep, floating, wandering, searching, in pain, trying to feel as I grasped at shadows.  Forgetting how to sleep my spirit had no container, wandering above, below, chased away by the shadows which began taking my breath.  The wind continued to be the only substance I remembered how to hear…as my heart slowed, and the echoes of my heart led me to the picture of the force, trapped within a piece of paper, blowing in the wind.  My finger touched her face and I instantly remembered something from so long ago, something that I never lost touch of, something that was forever flowing through me.  And her eyes trapped within that paper, communicating to me the path of my life and the wandering soul floating above me spoke to me, for the first time in so long and I could hear it and feel it and then I remembered…and as her voice entered my ears, for a brief second I knew all i ever needed to know.  And once again I became trapped in my mind but her image still breathed within me, and her voice reverberated throughout my body and her healing hand as it touched my injured soul brought me back to life and as I opened my eyes a new day began and I remembered everything as she breathed throughout my heart and a new day arose and I saw the beginning and she will never leave me, not for a second but if only for a second…I could touch her once again


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