Eyes of the Devil 8

The mirror stares back at me as the rainbows swirling from my hands awaken me to the image of what I have become.  The rainbows are enveloped by darkness, and maybe all of them have darkness in their hearts,  my father cries out, what happened to having love in your heart?  His last words, the man…in the corner, father of all.  I point my eyes to the ground and can do nothing but raise my hands up to the sky into the moonlit night…we were always here weren’t we?  Rainbows and shadows ascend from the ground lighting the dark night, lighting the long road I must walk upon.  The eyes, clicking and humming and following, but they can no longer touch me here.  In a pyramid of rainbows my dreams travel with no static direction, reaching for the sky as the fires continue burning on the moon.  And my father from so long ago reaches for me, with his arms open he sets me free from all the bars which held me for so long.  And I can’t cry no more, for that there is no time.  And I can’t be what I think I am anymore because that doesn’t mean nothing to me. I can only open my arms, and open my heart and laugh into the heart of darkness which has always bound me to the idea I could never let go of.  The pulse of the earth below me corresponds with the cries from my heart and the light beating from my heart, the light shining from the rainbows of my dreams is all I can see before me.  And the eyes, and the painful hum of the unconscious reach as far from their true being as the fires on the moon, they slowly crawl into my consciousness, dissipating before the light I have become.  And still their claws descend and tear into the swirling beams of light emanating from my soul but I can’t cry and there is no pain.  They tear but are confused as each cut instantly becomes another cluster of swirling light and they look above and behind but there is nothing more they can see but the eyes they look through and they cry out for something to solidify their existence and they can only reach for light and shadows as they become silent.  And I cry deep within my own heart as they cannot let go of their claws, they cannot let go of the eyes which continue to chain them to the idea that they cannot let go of.  Maybe all they can see is fire, pain, crying and death; the ultimate end, the ultimate idea they cannot let go of and maybe as they see me chained here, as the fires from the moon descend, heating all of the light and burning my dreams, maybe this is all I can see, I just don’t know what I am anymore.  As my hands are tied to the back of the moon, their eyes open as I cry out through the pain of my burning soul.  They look out through my eyes and they see what’s inside them for the first time and I feel no pain as the fire of my dreams awakens them to a new idea


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