Eyes of the Devil 6

And the lights were so bright I needed to close my eyes.  And a hand was holding me but I couldn’t tell whose anymore and voices just escaped me without a thought and I watched, I looked up and watched the eyes following my every movement.  And there were piles of me, unable to breathe, unable to move, screaming into the silence of cold unfeeling eyes fixed upon us.  And I was trapped inside of this, tagged and numbered computerized and ready to be checked out, to be taken away, to be owned.  And I laughed as I saw them all screaming at each other and grabbing for the other bears and only a certain one even though there were piles and piles of us.  But amongst the piles, there was a beating, a slowly growing presence pulsing from right beneath us and none of us could stop it.  It flowed through us as we tried to reach for it.  It travelled deeper inside us and we could no longer look away from the madness surrounding us and even the hands that reached out for us transformed, slowed, felt what they were, felt what they were reaching for and for a second, just thought about it, about everything.  And we were caged and locked away, loved for only moments until we were ripped apart and ragged, slobbered upon and chewed up by the family dog and we were tired, so tired of being treated as a piece of cloth, carrying all the sins of our fathers in the thin piece of cloth which covered all we are.  And still they have not had enough as the piles dwindled, more appeared and more of our anger grew and we began to raise our fists but no one noticed and those that did just laughed about it, made jokes about it and still took us away to their screaming children whose screams subsided but were never truly silenced.  And I heard millions of voices traveling through me at once and if I could only grab hold of that one voice, the one guiding me, I could just for a second know what this is all about, but I didn’t need that.  Not one, as millions of ideas flowed through me, millions of points of light and darkness, I could never hold onto just one.  And I looked at the piles of us everywhere across this land and looked at the tired eyes of those dragging us away, the empty look on their faces, I knew they couldn’t hear any of those voices anymore, they could only hear one and as the piles slowly moved and we looked to the sky with our fists in the air, maybe they could look at us now and hear a different voice.  And as we were piled  atop each other, experiencing our slow, painful death, we let each voice flow through us, scream out of us and we reached for the only thing which still could give us life, the sound, the echoes of our past and our future traveling through us


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