Eyes of the Devil 4

She was drowning in the tears and the blood of her family as they made things for me to play with.  She couldn’t even shut her eyes at night because she felt those eyes above going right through her and she didn’t know why they chose her.  But they followed her everywhere and she heard the parts of her, flowing through that eye just holding her, holding every piece of her separately and it would just stare at the parts and her whole body would shake.  It once tried to convince her that she needed it to survive but as she tried to show it what love was, it clicked, it tried but it never could understand.  And she heard the clicking and it knew something more about her and maybe she thought it was learning less about her.  She heard something drop from it and no matter how far away she was, she could hear it, and feel it. Sometimes it was a cousin or a friend she knew so long ago and they just vanished as their footsteps continued along in the sand and their cries echoed forever, unheard.  Their screams became so much more real to her now as she travelled further away.  And Tammy shouted sorry and she was now at my feet, right where my dad use to lie as he was slowly being taken apart.  And I remember dad saying this is what war does and I remember dad saying this is what we work for, all of our lives as we eat each other alive and I remember when he bought Tammy and when he looked at the tag on her and shook his head mumbling something about Pakistan.  And he said this is what I was protecting and pointed to a Coca Cola machine and I didn’t know what he meant and he pointed to the fires burning on the moon and he said those won’t go away, never, they will be turned into whatever they want them to turn into and I guess I still don’t really know what he meant but I remembered the rainbows, I always carried them with me and I guess that’s all that matters.  And he always said you never want to see what I seen and maybe what he doesn’t know is that I saw it all when he gave me the rainbows and it is all part of me.  I grab tighter to the man taking me away and the hum of the motorcycle helps me forget the story pouring out of me but as I hold onto the man, the stronger I hold, the less he feels real.  And I can only see Daddy in front of me, and the moon seems like it is within reach as we drive through the cold, dark desert and I begin to cry because the further we drive, the deeper I enter into her heart and it beats just like my own.  On my knees in the sand, I reach up and pray to the sky and the eye above, mirroring the moon only blinks, only follows, only clicks as it scans the information I send it.  The man on the motorcycle turns to me and says it’s okay, everything will be okay and I know every time I have ever heard an adult say that, just the opposite was true and I just fall to the ground as he delivers me into the cage which will be my new home and he says sorry and I just look away and I laugh because I can’t do nothing else.  And I laugh as I hear the clicking, the scanning, the information flowing above me, the pieces of everything I am glistening in the dust, the light of me travelling into the eye staring out of the ceiling.  And she cries out for me but I can’t help her here and Tammy clutches my shoulder and the eye shutters a little bit as I smile.  As I blink my eyes and look out from the light above, I watch myself spread out into the universe, millions of pieces of star-dust now covering the desert, illuminating the blood covering all of our toys.  They lock the cage and I hear the echo of the slamming door.   I place my ear upon Tammy’s heart, beating so gently and I dream the perfect dream to the slow rythmic beating of her heart


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