Eyes of the Devil 3

My ears close and I could hear no more sound.  They didn’t want to be free, that’s why they closed everything.  They don’t understand what it means to be free, that’s what my mother use to say.  And I never knew what it meant to be free until I was walking down that dark road and that man came by and took me away on his motorcycle.  I never said no, I never said nothing really but it still felt like I made a choice.  I loved looking at the stars and that huge sky passing above and forgetting about my story.  I just held onto him tight and never looked down.  He always told me you had to do a lot of things that you don’t really want to do to become successful and he always did this, but never had much success.  I couldn’t stop looking at the fires that were burning on the moon and it seemed like forever now.  And he said he knew why they were burning like that but he wasn’t suppose to say nothing, and he said they would never stop because we weren’t right and they would only stop if we got right, but he thought we never would.  I almost said maybe we gotta do a lot of things we don’t wanna do but I already knew that never works.  We stood in the middle of the cold dark desert and I reached my hands up to the sky because I felt her voice trying to flow through me.  I close my eyes as she speaks, as she whispers sorry but I have to talk to you because no one else listens.  And I look down and there is blood on my hands and as I reach for Tammy’s soft body, blood falls from her eyes.  And I am standing in that house but it is empty and I am walking towards the corner where my father use to lie and I can only hear my heartbeat and I can see nothing in front of me but a red haze rising up from where my father use to be and my heart beats louder and the redness covers my sight and I can’t move and I forgot how to breathe and she breezes by in front of me running and holding onto her screaming baby brother as blood is raining from the sky and she doesn’t feel far from me anymore.  I rise above the spot where my father fell apart and I close my eyes as her voice overcomes me, you are watching she says, you are just watching.  And there is nothing else to do because as I close my eyes, she is still there.  I can’t cry out and I can’t hear nothing but the silent crash of bombs falling at my feet.  She asks for release and I ask for release as Tammy falls apart, slowly falling from my hands, pieces of cotton falling away into the desert night.  The girls reaches down and begins sewing Tammy back together as blood drips from her hands.  A droning hum forms a shadow above her head as she continues to piece Tammy back together.  The slow moving eye following her every move as she wipes blood from her own eyes.  The shadow of my father appears on the wall before me and the pounding of my heart covers my ears and my father cries out as he looks down on me and the girl cries out and she asks why and I don’t know why.  With each movement of my fingers, the eye above her blinks and follows her as blood drips from my fingers, the eye above is clean, but I can’t even see through my own and my heart pounds louder and the eye blinks a little more and follows and does nothing but blink and click and watch and I can no longer close my eyes as her screams fall from my mouth


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