Queen of chaos 1

A looming shadow covers my thoughts as the map to the center of her heart forms within my mind, the shadow currently suffocating our world.  The truth becomes a lie as it swiftly rolls off the tongue in a jumble of nonsense, touching nothing or no one, divided, we cry for life.  We are delivered nothing but darkness, it covers our eyes as we accept the veil transmitted as truth.  I cannot accept your version of life, I must dry the blood from my hands.

Without the gift of sight I reach for Daniel.  Somehow everything made sense and then it all disappeared.  – I have it, in this box, the web – My thoughts…seem so clear and as they disappear I kneel and accept that I must never believe what my mind communicates

I blink my eyes, the shadow veils my eyes as Daniel dematerializes.  A map appears, labyrinthine lines stamped upon my brain, leading me straight to her.  In whispers her voice guides me through the lines placed before me.  The factory grows and seethes behind my back, it reaches for me as I grab hold of her voice.  But her voice, so deceiving as it shifts  form before my ears.  From the top of a mountain impossible to see, her lies grow beneath her feet as she repeatedly nods her head to the beat of death.  Words and meaning totally disconnected, only formed for our acceptance, and we do accept it…until we don’t.  Her fangs brighten in the darkness, waiting for an invitation.  As I stand before them, I no longer can identify which one I long for.  The map dissolves in my mind and I close my eyes.  The factory reaches, growing, but I will not comply.  A bobbing head, bouncing on hope, bleeding life from the earth, we must stop her, and we continue to accept.  Her form shifts as her words place her in uncommon space, a jail upon our minds as we listen to her words.  Condemning addiction and feeding it to us wholesale, opposing tyranny as she bathes in it, promoting equality and peace and celebrating the death and destruction of worlds and people who have never known anything but the struggle of their own existance.  The struggle created by her and the moon swirling about her.

-I need to touch the web, I see no center without it there-

-You no longer need the center…freedom equals pain…at first

-I can’t fight her…she doesn’t stop standing over me, her shadow swallows all I am, feeding on my hope as she spits out lies.  Her moon swirls above me, the moon which stole my childhood yet I always felt the need to reach for as it drew me close and pushed me away caught in the crosshairs of her second moon, her second shadow pushing me down I can no longer move, I can no longer see.  Her words, empty wind, chaining me down on the ground I dream of the box, the web, I become the spider which entered my mind, I grasp all it experienced.  The evil of the two moons converge on my thoughts as I climb back into the web.  A choice of a bit less evil can never be any kind of choice.  With any choice of evil, the blood still falls from your hands and never dries.  With each cry from the depths of the universe, each cry swirling in the wake of the moons, the queen expands, with each hand dried from the blood it previously accepted, her form contracts.  As she stares into the web she created I crawl towards the center and she can’t reach me here, but she will not give up as I journey to the center of her darkness, the emptiness overwhelms me, I will never accept the lies, never


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