Journey to the fractured center

The truth Is, the truth Is…run whenever you hear that phrase.  Billionaire hands born with a crystal ball in hand, billionaire fingers in a swipe create movements swayed by uncontrollable emotions.  The dead hold so much power over the living because the living have yet to discover the life breathing within them.  The crystal ball remains powerful for we have yet to discover the gift of sight.  We continue on this way because we know of nothing better.  Billionaire hands, their tight grip upon the world strengthens each day as our ignorance grows deeper.  Their division lines grow deeper as we recognize only our differences, swayed by their misleading words, broadcast across all the stars, those with sight know the difference.  My eyes open, but only a fractured web appears within my sight.  It pulls me down to the earth, accepting my attempt to stand as futile.  Below my feet, rumblings of voices unheard, all flowing into my mind.  -Asking Daniel once again, what does your heart protect? –  A smile seems to brighten the shadows face as he stands and walks away from the corner of the room.  The question seems to confuse Daniel, a question for which he has no answer.  After all we all appear to protect our own comfort above all else.  Something understandable, yet, what of those in which every moment of life becomes a struggle for the smallest comfort.  As a dark finger passes over a crystal ball, every second, every dollar siphoned from our monotonous workday, transformed into bullets and bombs and robots to combat the striving for life, the striving that we all must identify with.  In the flip of kaleidoscopic thoughts, masterpieces, declared so by the flies buzzing around the earth, the buzzing that keeps us all from gaining true insight.  They fail to see the masterpiece boiling through my blood.  Removing words  deemed too difficult, too challenging for the feeble mind, a mind created to continually fail to see the hands holding the crystal ball.  My job, to entertain a cold lifeless entity swallowing all within sight.  I am trapped within this factory and the only thing that can be done, destruction from within.  Daniel continues to control me with his joystick yet it hardly matters, until I see my center, control will exist outside of me. As he looks into the screen, viewing my deepest thoughts, my heart beats knowing of no way he can ever understand what life is while viewed from the illusion of a deathlike grip of total control.  The sun begins to set upon us all as our minds breathe the same rays and we join hands.  The shadow with back straight, stands for the first time looking into the sunset.  A hand waves across the crystal ball as we all find laughter in the absurdity of their ideas. For a brief moment that guiding hand stops moving, cursed with the knowledge that maybe we are all figuring this out as the billionaire hands loosen their grip and the shadow of the currency weighing us down is burning in flames.  In whispers amongst the darkness their thoughts contort, frightened for what we may find within, frightened what we can see without their hands covering our sight


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