on the brink of sanity

The blood flows through my hands, paid in full. The shadow in the corner of the room shivers, experiencing another painful death.  Another death at the hands of those above, another division between us, as we experience the pain, closing our eyes, the web grows stronger.  The cold steel Iye staring upon us all yet only the dark ones die.  Maybe the Iye attempts to kill the shadow of itself, frightened at the life, the beat, the breath it could never let go. Here, among those with the ability to see, death proliferates.  Hand in hand with those still clinging to the ability to feel amongst the numbness, like a cloak of fog, enveloping all within sight, the sun shines down on upon us, in a place where we are nothing but shadows.  Myself, my brain becomes the journey into myself which the ability to escape has become an impossibility.  With each thought the web vibrates an echo of my mind, my blood flowing as deafness overcomes me.  The Iye hovers above me screeching for me to get back to work – My quota was met – proceed – My hands are wrapped around my head, each footstep the spider takes, a pounding throughout my body incapacitates me.  The fog approaches, blinding me, moist blinding fog, a smile, keeping me in my place, controlling my thoughts with the power of his hands.  Unthinkingly,  the shadow of a fallen dove, escaping through cracks in a mirror as my eyes perceive the pain of all, crying for peace and thinking war, rooting out the causes with the darts of understanding, tears from the beams of the sun deliver me from evil in a flash of light.  Missiles pointed at the sun, pointed at those holding one last sliver of hope, missiles threatening the only home we can ever know.  We can’t lose focus, the spider continues the journey into the heart of my brain, losing focus on the truth in front of me,  as the psychosis continues robbing us all of life.  The psychosis forwarding the insanity of war, perpetual war upon each other, wrapping our chains tighter. A crack in the web as the spider begins his ascent, reverberating throughout my body.  The shadow rolls over, looking up to the ceiling.  My body loses all connection with my thoughts, wandering around the room, yet trapped in my own head, seeing everything so clearly now.  An Iye floats by, a silent creepiness crawls up my spine as the spider inside my brain stops and bathes in an unexplainable light within my head.  The shadow reaches up to the sky as the bleeding rays of the sun shoot through the ceiling.  A debate, never ending, they did this and if they did this then this must have happened…rambling nothingness on into infinity, deliver me…the inability for me to cry out overcomes me and it seems so simple.  An Iye explodes and another shadow dies and we all die a little but not all of us understand that feeling, overtaking our skin, our thoughts, transformed into an excuse to close our eyes.  Looking upon my reflection only a shadow appears before me.  A scream, a cry from a great distance, a cry impossible to decipher pumping from my own heart


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