The armies of unalterable law 2

“beware of my partisanship, my mistakes of fact and the distortion inevitably caused by my having seen only one corner of events.  And beware of exactly the same things when you read any other book…” George Orwell

In nocturnal dreams the lies begin.  Woven through conditioned beliefs without question, delivered from the struggle of thought.  Thought with the power of freedom comes at no small cost.  As I walk through these dark halls, the screams of those trapped, an infinite number of souls, constantly entering, never leaving.  My heart cries out as I close my fist upon it and it disappears in a whisper…love, love, LOVE, the word reverberates in my heart yet, I still have no understanding of the true meaning as the feeling overwhelms me.  And shadows swirl within my sight, a grunt, a long surpassed breath, judgmental eyes upon me, becoming what they control.  I see her in the distance, nervously looking my way as a dark shadow approaches me, eclipsing my sight.  In a breath the presence before me overcomes my previously clear thinking.  His fingers twitch and his eyes dart in sporadic and seemingly uncontrolled spasms.  A clear symptom of an Iye controller.  Watching every movement even in normal conversation, yet completely unable to focus on just one thing. The conversation, the words appear before me, impossible to grasp or understand, hanging there, festering, pulsating with an intoxicating energy, swallowing all within an impossibly expanding area.

What must Be understood Is that none of this can Be any different

But it seems like we do have a choice in things.  We do have the ability to change what seems impenetrable.  Everything created by the human mind has the trait of malleability, unfinished, if one definition should describe us, maybe creators would work best.  Every moment, every second of every day we create and in turn, created by everything within our sight, and maybe in your case in the invisible shadows of those feigning control over all.

You can’t change the world.  People have always Been violent, have always destroyed each other and it will never stop.  Why not just Be part of it?

I misunderstand your motives, why speak to me at all, we will never agree?

Because I like watching things and in some sense I wouldn’t even mind if you won-

This has nothing to do with winning anything, freedom, life cannot exist outside of us.  Our choices have become corrupted, we choose slavery, repression, oppression when we can have the opposite, yet we continue to choose slavery by an empty device that in time, after it learns to understand us, controls our very thoughts.  The totality of this controlled device, a thin clear border with absolutely no power outside of the thoughts within our mind.  We just can’t seem to let this thing go, attached, our second mind.

I can hear her footsteps lightly tapping from afar, trapped within the web she believes has gotten a hold of her sight.

The destruction will Be so vast if you can learn how to control this.  He places something cold in my hand.

She whispers to me from a great distance, the great divide animated through our false ideas.  The web gains strength through every ebb and flow of our grasping for solidity, our intransigent views

I open my hand and there is a small mechanical spider.

and every reach through the gauze of the vast lies forwarding our division, keeping us apart, every understanding heartbeat, every effort we make to look through suffering eyes,  as we join hands the illusion of the web crumbles.  For now, the fog of a clouded daydream dissipates, but only for now


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