One amongst the Lost

“That saving humor of the oppressed!  Under its barrage the great ones totter on their pedestals and fall flat, overbearing as they are, and formidable and absurd as the images they concoct!” Daniel Berrigan

As she floated above it all she at once knew, there is no longer even freedom in flying.  As a net blanketed her, even the light of the moon could not free her.  Her children, lost now more than ever had nowhere to turn as they settled, jailed in their new home.   She looks at them, at their pain and can only travel deeply into her past.  She remembers the time she lay unconscious, lost just like them as he took what she was, in one brief moment, it was all gone.  Forgotten was what her form would become as he swam away into the sunset, protected by the circularity of words, spun until meaning itself can no longer be defined.  Her anger which swelled, tightly subdued by the net with its many holes was easy to see through, but made it impossible to see perceptively.    She asks for no one to feel her pain, she wishes upon them the gift of sight.  She bows as a shooting star, silently lights the sky over her head.  What is forgotten here is responsibility and the refusal of those with power to take responsibility for what their minds have done.  The whole of her body shivers as she thinks of hearing his voice again, how it just didn’t seem quite real.  Maybe she was just a target, her entire body, just another target on a map in the war zone.  Her body was nailed to the sky, the rains come and washes away her pain, but never from her mind, never completely from the skin that was no longer her own.  She doesn’t want it anymore as it is tainted with the thoughts of him, seeing himself as everything, he will be a leader someday, these are the kinds of leaders that are leading the unconscious; through slow torture to their sacrificial deaths. These kinds of people need everything to be a sacrifice to them, it’s all a game by those with the mentality of reptiles, everything is viewed as an enemy.  The blood of the sky, in nuclear sadness falls down to her hands, she refuses to hold it.  She watches it slip through her fingers.  She never knew how to be silent, the wind flows through her, is her as a beam of light, containing everything, bursts forth from her stomach.  She has now learned how to give birth, which is why she is now caged, but a cage cannot hold this back.  She laughs at the idea of power, it is really the only thing anyone can do.  Stars in her hands, she laughs at this cruelty.  On one knee, she looks to the moon, and that man, haunting her every step, reaches for her with eyes of pain and sadness, barely hiding the  evil anymore.  His greyish moon, which somehow gained more power than he, discovers its own orbit.  He attempts to escape its shadow, but it does not exist outside of him as it continues reinforcing his psychotic issues. She thinks maybe evil, or what she thinks is evil, is living in these people, ruling like shadows above us all.  It is easy to point to them, revealing them for the fools they are.  Life frightens them,they can laugh, but cannot really comprehend true experience.  Alas, she would rather not pass judgment upon anyone.  They look at her, through glass walls, nodding their faceless heads in unison.  Planets move when they touch the ground, but it is still fear which controls them, their only motivation, but maybe things are not that simple, they think they’re right, and maybe that is the problem…it still makes her laugh, it is the only thing she still has.  The lost people begin to make their own music as their ability to learn is accelerated by the torture, they constantly endure.  But still the worshippers of death hide from the only thing they refuse to accept…responsibility.  Her cage grows larger but so does her heart and she opens her arms to the world and dances to the music her children are learning to become and she remembers how to fly



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