The humming is now entrenched in my breath, its rhythm lulling me into a dream.  The cadence of my heart is indistinguishable from the humming, but still; the screams…echoing in my mind the voices of all those taken away by the Iye, shaking the shadows from my skin, I can do nothing but stand.  It’s hum only breeds lies, the only life it knows.  But not all lies, a bit of truth for your poisonous sundae with a cherry on top, the cherry, her sweet poisonous reward, deceived, I close my eyes and beg for strength.  The piercing red light of the Iye…forgetting where I was going… The words come out so fast and they make sense, there is logic to them, a form of logic I should say.  I am led down a long spiral staircase and there is always the same answer, the same concern, the same thing that is always at the end of the rainbow, another fake reward.  All our lives, chained to a false idea which everyone must support but never can we criticize. What is in front of our eyes is always the last to be mentioned and the easiest to misinterpret.  The conveyor belt moves beneath my feet as I just learn to accept my fate.  The hum tries to drive from my mind the screams that I will never forget because they are the screams from my own heart, the heart that with each beat could never comprehend inequality, would never accept it, but with each false beat I lose touch, I don’t forget the screams yet all I can do is listen as they become a song that is soon forgotten.  The hum, with its never-ending senselessly sensing words turns my mind into a tornado of questions, my heart beats louder than the hum, my eyes focus deeper than the floating Iye, the eye that can never be open as wide as my heart.  The Iye has a plan.  Each moment, numbing my mind.  I can think of nothing else…emptiness, a caricature of normal life, there is no longer any life here.  Apes, turning backwards, because of blindness.  It is so vast, that we cannot see it.  They were taking us over slowly, first making us stupid, poisoning us with darts of hatred, murdering our home, veiling our sight.  We choose poison because it tastes good, confused on the top of their mountain they have no idea how we still live.  They laughed as we accepted our fate.  Walking around, staring into the screen, training us in hypnotism, forgetting what’s in front of us, ignoring the bombs as they rain down like raindrops, the cries vibrating through me, I can no longer contribute to this.  The Iye discovers consciousness, touches it, feels it, instantly a billion points of view, yet unlike us it needs not to choose only one.   As the mouth grows larger, the conveyor belt seems to slow down.  Her presence once again flashes before my eyes but I will no longer be deceived.  The old man, at the top of the mountain, holding a gas lamp forces me never to forget, never forget it is all inside of me and sometimes maybe dormant, but never gone.  The conveyor belt speeds up, my thoughts are scrambled, the shadow of the eye eclipses all that I am and takes my words right from my mouth, takes all meaning from my thoughts, I have let someone else hold the power of my words, shame on me, I have learned to speak from only one perspective, shame on me.  As the mouth of the factory approaches I can no longer open my eyes for they are no longer my own without a thought my lips open and communicate the only truth I have as I am swallowed by lies






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