War of the shadows

There is a war on for her heart but she refuses to acknowledge it as she tiptoes along the clusters of crushed memories calling out for her attention.  Reaching for her, placing unnecessary weight upon her shoulders.  She touches the darkness of her face as she reaches for perspective.  Turn towards the light, something murmurs in her ears.  A lifetime of thought against darkness echoes throughout her, dividing what she is.  She stands up straight, strengthens her stance and remembers briefly the lightness and darkness which has haunted her for so long; she chooses neither.  .A..B…C in an equal line they fall down upon her as she raises her hands up to the sky, bathing in the pinkish hue of the moonlight as the rhythmic ocean waves secure her feet to the earth.  She only hears noise as they attempt to split her right down the middle.  They march in the strange unison of the waves, and the hum of the moon, a different perspective she supposes.  But a straight line of uniform words which always keep them aligned.  The closure of her eyes does not make them disappear.  They look at her as some sort of artifact, but they know it is  The One they have come for. They shield their eyes from her beauty, beauty which under no circumstances can their division lines cross.   She crumbles to pieces at their feet.  With their guns clenched tightly to their stomachs they look everywhere but at the diamonds glowing on the ground.  They feel a rumbling from below as they look to the earth in a mass of confusion.  They see a boat in the distance, sailing towards them in the shadow of the moon.  Filled with moving darkness they raise their weapons in unison.  The sudden pinkness of the ocean overcomes their sight, blinding their vision.  The darkness of the moving people, their malleability flows into and out of the ocean and above the sky.  They clutch strongly to the thought of their guns as solid forms.  The pumping of their heart overcomes them as they clutch onto it to reinforce its reality; their guns fall to the ground in pieces.  They attempt to piece their guns together as the boat approaches the shore and the shadows which become people before their eyes.  The lost people kiss the shore as their feet touch the earth.  The straight line to the soldiers minds begins to blur as the people begin hugging the soldiers and the pieces of their guns disappear into the sand.  The soldiers don’t know where to focus as they begin to suspect that what they previously had believed is a forgotten past with no possibility of return.  The soldiers are lost amongst the celebrating people as they throw sand upon each other in laughter and lay down and experience land for the first time in which seems to be ages.  As a comet traverses the sky, bathing all in darkness and light no one reaches for anything but the feeling of the world they are building, encapsulating the breath of all they are.  The ocean waves propel glistening diamonds onto the shore,  glinting off the eyes of each one who cares to see.  As the weight that was pressing upon her shoulders lightens its load, she takes a deep breath and once again remembers what it is like to be alive.  Her oneness crumbles into the breathing life that is learning how to see.  Peace rains upon her body as she begins to float away…war is hell


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