Souls to Infinity

…trapped in the burden of war she cries out, sing me a song, but please, only be from the heart.  The red moon pierces the memory of all she is.  She looks to the ground as she almost forgot there was no real solution.  Lost out here, she breathes in all she ever will be.  If she saw everything on the surface, things would look pretty grim.  There is a split down the middle of her, a meteor storm cutting her into Infinite pieces.  She has touched Infinity, now she will never be the same.  Iridescent clusters of stars travel through her.  Bouncing off the shadows of the soldiers in close pursuit of her.  She has no understanding how They could not comprehend the significance of life.  On a cliff past midnight she watched the stars surge across the sky.  Surging like the faceless soldiers murdering peace.  The ones that were still following her, marching in her mind, damming up the blood to her heart as she falls to the sand overcome with exhaustion.  Her eyes in unison, directionless, focus on movement.  Movement that is only a wall of noise.  Noise overtaking everything in its path, overcoming its weakness with shouted overtures of rhetoric.  She touches the sky and her true life begins.  She only found empowerment when she travelled upon the stars within.  She forgets the monetary struggle to survive.  She thinks those believing They are in power are making a mistake by forcing people to struggle so much.  She thinks it builds character, which is quite dangerous for the characterless.  They have taken her soul and she walks an empty vessel.  The waves of the ocean touch her bare feet, she breathes deeply, stardust enters and exits along to the beat of the ocean.  Even without her soul firmly in tow, she knows their efforts are useless against the vibration of love.  They march towards the sun with her soul on their backs, she laughs as she sees the weight pushing them further and further into the ground.  This is war here, but all she will do is stare at the moon’s reflection upon the ocean and laugh as the weight of her soul crushes the bleakness of hatred


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