I watched the shadow of what you are spread out across this land.  I stood idly by as you have eaten everything in your path.  I felt the flow of you through me, transmitting hatred, I was forever changing, but never stagnating.  The darkness of the factory appears before my eyes.  You feel comfortable in your new form, as you jail all in your path.  The smoke of death billows from your pipes.  Lava from the volcano above alights the factory into life. The conveyor belt of children surging straight into your mouth.  Reintegrating the children, reminding them, death = life; there will be no other equation.  The red light of her dress shrouds my eyes…for so long I have forgotten, never far from my eyes, her vibrations guiding me, yet still I run…what brought you here now?  She never answers.  I can never reach the truth.  When she is in my eyes I feel it within reach, but no, I have to ask what are you protecting?  In a blur she is gone.  Knowledge flows through me, never taking hold.  From the top of the volcano, I feel the heat, a flash, the sky, totally eclipsed at midday.  Straight down the middle there is a split that just never goes away.  You tiptoe along that line and for a flash of a second, I remember.  A game, played against those who make the rules.  Yet, they never truly win do they?  We are protected.  Your mind was built, it doesn’t matter how, all of that hatred, misplaced anger, it built itself a fortress, where I receive payment for torture.  The mental torture of eight hours a day of drudgery.  Light shielded by a deceptive screen.  I can only see so much behind this, it helps me as I protect the little comfort I have.  You are on top of the volcano, lava falling from your hands, illuminating the darkness.  Darkness in fancy dress clothes and a lightness emanating from the skin that covers what you are.  You say one thing and mean another. All my life I climbed this mountain, the mountain that I was guided to in my belief that all would be well..if only…I could reach….something.   Your eyes follow me, it doesn’t matter where I am, they eternally follow me, one look into the center, and you are trapped forever.  Your words travel at me, but they mean  nothing.  Repetitive, full of feeling but nothing else really, they just bounce around in the atmosphere and they are laughed at now.  They become clouds, and rain down on us, as we dance the night away.  I travel into a shadow, trapped in a bank.  A past, or a future I just don’t seem to be a part of.  Confusing waves surround me, beliefs drown me, the desperate laughter of the lost guides me to the equation of my birth.  A pawn on your chessboard, the board I can see through, I cry out from the inside but I know I have the power.  The truth is, I know the key to your heart but I just don’t want to go down that road.  From the top of this mountain where I have found nothing, misled, lost, I fall on my back and look to the sky.  The noise of the factory drowning out by my thoughts leading me in every direction I can see.  I contemplate the answer when the problem of my thinking occurred to me.  A flock of black birds fly above my head, screeching at the gurgling volcano.  The problem is thinking there is one answer and as your lava covered hands reach out, I turn away, I have let you hold the equation for far too long


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