Trapped in the black abyss that has become the web of my life.  The web, its echoes leading me down another dark tunnel with no end.  Every movement I make drags me in closer to its heart, the heart that has become my own.  The giant’s shadow looming above me, never dispersing, the darkness has always been there. – You cannot hide from the blood that flows in your veins. –  The hypotic hum of the moon murmuring to me across oceans of time.  The back of my head sees a lightness as the skies open before me, I flow above, reach for all that I am.  The web expands in the back of my head where it has taken root, draining me of any rationality.  But you can feel nothing like this, all you know is how to hurt things and act human; poorly.  Your throne has now solidified, the specter of your rule casts a blackness across the land.  I fear not because you are controlled. The ones pulling the strings to your mind, a mass of hatred that can never have a true form without our concordance.  It is a dance of the uninformed because the true rules are always hidden behind the light of your lies.  Your form has shifted.  You become someone’s answer.  Bred since I was a child, if I can recall my birth; I only see that frightened child in the corner drowning in tears.  The shadows descend on my soul as I reach for the sun, but can only touch the moon.  The delicate hum leading me up the steps into your darkness.  The earth falling upon my eyes, the only womb I’ve ever known, the only feeling that moves me to continue this existence, god, it is so, so insufferable.   A game still, your shivering hand quakes at each movement, millions fall with every movement.  You truly cannot hear the screams can you?  You can’t even see yourself, changing, every movement, a different nothing before my eyes.  You took all my memories, all I ever was.  I walked through my memories and they really couldn’t hurt me anymore.  Nothing really could, I was floating.  I know what you have wanted for so long, the seat of my conscious smiles, awake and alive it beams love at your cold black heart.  But why did you have to steal our childhoods?  We’ve lived eons of lives before we could see ourselves.  I never was a child, the shadow you have placed over my life has taken that from me.  It shifts, forming an eclipse covering my eyes, a living breathing form I cannot perceive.  What you have become appears and disappears with each breath I take.  Each exhale it takes little more from me, a piece it will never return without the sacrifice of my own blood.  It is more than a chess game for you, something so much deeper, or maybe just the opposite.  Your throne is rotten, your game is now being seen and you are beginning to retreat.  I still don’t have my childhood, my discoveries engineered to bring me to my knees before your rotten throne.  The web pulses in the back of my mind as your scepter pounds another hole in the earth.  I stop and listen to all that I am, I stop and listen to that child deep within me, the one you can never take away


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