A tale from the mouth of infinity

At the edge of the darkness in the universe she abides.  Overcome with the screaming pains of those fighting for expression.  A long line of jailed souls screaming at the wall of ignorance.  The Infinites possessed the unwilling, those with a voice they failed to use, or a heart slowed to a droning pulse, eyes which could no longer process what was in front of them.  Across the lines of time they came to possess the dying souls of the faceless who continued to watch, only watch as the blackened soot of their souls became all they were.  Vessels calling them.  With their dying hands raised to the air, calling for some manufactured god, Infinity answered.  Their Infinite lives before this were becoming hypothetical.  Our friend here, the One as she seems to be called had become deeply disenchanted with life.  Wandering the outskirts of Infinity, the red moon’s aura drowning her tears for a better world.  She no longer could grasp anything, it was all a mass of hypothesis.  Watching life experience itself before all of them.  Voices calling them from the distance as they could only watch.  She could still buy things, she could still watch them spin, but many spirits were dying, choking on their own starvation for life.  Billions of Hypos floating around and they still starved.  The Hypo which was what their entire system relied upon, was a form of currency produced by the pure energy of each Infinite inside their bodies.  Each one had the power to form as much as they could, yet, inequality still thrived.  Some found themselves unable to draw even one Hypo from their minds and most knew not at all why.  Never thinking maybe it was the water, the food, or the screen that sapped the life energy within them and creating Hypos for those most amused by the games that have become their lives. Their lives, their minds rigged for the amusement of those frightened by the life all around them. The One was deeply contemplating existence as the tide rolled in delivering a beautiful purple shell.  She lifted up the shell to her eyes, the red moonlight glinting off her face, warming her soul.  In the shell she heard the tides of the universe, shifting inside of her mind.  Like all things usually happened for Infinites, every idea, every experience poured inside her mind as she reached for the stars…the universe doesn’t need cages, doesn’t need seperation, doesn’t need hypothetical systems, systems which watch those unfortunates, dying, starving, fading, flickering in the absurdity of hypothetical ideas.  Choking their feelings because the pain has become too great.  They need something real, the only reason they suffer.  They have the need to exist, but not to be right or better, or above something else.  And what if they had the power, would it all be the same?  If they experienced and touched their own souls in the same way they put their energy to ignore the pain that was eating their life, then no, it would not be the same.  The One travelled to the heart of the universe and saw for the first time all that ever needed to be seen.  From Infinity to earth, all were drowning in hypothesis and the only way to unify and conquer this is to wage hypothetical war


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