The inversion of love in two parts

Of all the means I know to lead men, the most effectual is a concealed mystery.
Adam Weishaupt

but what I see is painful.  In this well, maybe I’ve never truly left.  The water drips upon my head.  The puddle which was existing below is now above my head.  I cannot close my eyes out of fear of being like you.  It is all upside down, in is out.  There is no escape.  A nuclear sundown.  A pinkish orange hue, bouncing off the slight purple shards of light on your face.  On your knees, you pound your fist and another crack in the earth is formed.         You devour everything, it is just your nature.  And everything else seems so unreal, that is a skill of yours.  Even you, right here, an idea, only an idea from our caged minds.  Somewhere, a cracked mirror, a separate dark side of ourselves, the self we can’t really deal with.  The self which only seems different, comfortingly separated from what we think we are.  A purple cloak encompasses my body. I hold onto all my thoughts             mysteries even to me. Sometimes for a brief second, I could exist outside of myself.  Programmed to think in circles, nothing is quite real anymore.  We can touch things, but not really.  You can make me see things upside down, or right side up…As I touch the puddle of water it feels different from this side.  Like a tornado, that is what was haunting me for so long, the butterfly lost in the wind.  Your dark presence, a whirlwind of thought, ungraspable.  A web appears before me, a layer peeled back, light glistening, reflecting from layer to water.  I open my eyes throwing darts at the forgotten empire.  1000 revolutions simultaneously when a bright fire of life, comet dusk across the sky at dusk, awakens us to the lies we call truth.  We pray for the priests of truth guarding the heart from lies.  One life like that can cause a 1000 revolutions; One evolution.  It is all happening now, much more frequently.  But we choose to watch instead.  Being ensnared in this web has been nothing but a choice.  Inviting the vampire to siphon our blood with every dollar we spend, and every hateful word.  A drop of water falls from the water into the web, glistening in the dark, every thread vibrating with each drop, my finger reaches for the web as it disappears.  I close my mind, my brain pulses.  The latticework strengthens as each drop of water falls upon my head.  The mystery is that there is no mystery.  As I look at everything upside down, I remember everything out there is what is truly upside down. The thinking has been reversed, but I remember now.  I see Cherry, swimming through the water, above my head, a red splash of light flowing by in the wake of the water.  As I reach for her she disappears.  In your hands you think you hold the web, in a long thread of string, your grip tightens, yet you always know when to loosen it.  This is our mistake, you have discovered how to evolve, to be malleable when you need to be.                 This we still must Learn                                  I see your chessboard, a slight crack growing, the web flows and loosens inside my head.  It’s echo grows louder.  The pulse of my mind, ensnaring Cherry as she cries out, the cries of the forgotten reverberate throughout the universe



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