A Robot’s Perspective


“What is the anthem of human life?  Has love ceased to moan over the new-made grave, and, looking upward, does it patiently pray for the perpetual springtide wherein no arrow wounds the dove?  Human hope and faith should join in nature’s grand harmony, and, if on minor key, make music in the heart” Mary Baker Eddy

I myself have given up all hope.  After a small amount of time trapped inside of a human body my hope has died…trapped in the body of a game show host.  My brain passes through infinity and all I can do is blink my eyes.  I attempt to still my mind.  My body travels through shifting sands of time as I feel every cell moving, sensing, learning life…have I become real?  In the darkness that’s become my sight, my mind finally slows.  In front of me is the audience.  My suspicions were valid.  They are now trapped in infinity.  Their faces the size of small computer screens with a constantly changing image.  Alas, this is not much different from the way they were before.  Empty and still, they seem so at peace.  The silence is uncomfortable.  I feel the need to communicate but there is no way.  They have built a wall in front of them.  Every second that passes I feel another explosion and another piece of New York is gone.  I gesture to the audience.  Hit the applause sign but nothing works.  They sit there, lost.  There is this itching.  Confused, now I know why people are mad all the time.  Everything feels so alive.  I understand why they want to stop it.  A thought occurs.  They can all go in the game machine…go in the game machine, you can do anything.   I hope my message gets across but if it doesn’t, it really doesn’t matter.  I sit down cross-legged in front of the audience.  They remind me so much of what I was.  You can wake up now.  It’s okay, sometimes it feels right to go to sleep, to close your eyes and forget, but you can’t do that for long.  You can’t possibly enjoy watching people destroy each other, destroy everything that’s around them.  I have felt this skin only for a number of minutes and I know I never want to go back.  There are flaws, I feel too much, I am scared, but I can feel.  Why do you hide from this?  What if you were one of the people destroying each other?  Can you just not put yourself in their place.  You just close yourself, a self-contained thing, like a product.  But you are not products, you still feel, think, you still are, yet you grasp for death like it is the only thing that matters.  There is a world outside yet you choose to watch people become products and destroy each other.  You watch fake things destroy each other and enjoy it, you really find this normal?  Only you can save yourselves, I am not here for that.  Their screens go blank and it looks like their skin is beginning to grow back.  We have this one chance and we choose to sit and watch unreality act itself out before our eyes.  We have become addicted to lies and bullshit and we accept nothing else.  You’ve forgotten the words to use, the words from the heart.  They begin to stand uniformly.  Only you can find the words.  Feel your body, touch your skin, look out through your eyes, can you see the beauty, I feel like I can explode when I truly feel all of this.  Death is one aspect, life is everything.  Stop watching, start being.  They are walking towards me, reaching out their arms.  Our saviour, our saviour, they were monotonously repeating, save us, save us.  I was slowly walking backwards as they seemed a hungry mob ready to feed on my flesh.  The giant PS4(previously Dez) crashes in between the mob and I.  Our saviour, our saviour…the PS4 disc drive light flashes.  I see no other option as I dive into the PS4 and refuse to stop living


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