The Crystal chessboard atop the moon

“…To put it in a terminology that harkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.” Zbigniew Brzezinski

On and on it goes.  But what really is the motivation for control?  Maybe it is just the total lack of any spiritual belief.  That’s it isn’t it?  You are all there is, and everything out there just doesn’t matter, but it’s all a part of you, all of us.

Why do you think that way?  I just don’t understand, I can’t understand why anyone would want to think that way.

I don’t want to think like this, I just do.  I’m not a chess piece to be moved, unloving, only thinking.  I’m human now.  We’re not very scared of you.  You’re, you’re just completely pathetic.  It must feel awful to be you, to think like that.

I can control everything, but we still have trouble controlling you, but fear usually wins out in the end

Yeah, but what about when it doesn’t?  The echoes of my heart, singing a lost song.  Your heart, it sounds so faint up here.  Echoes of the moon, vibrating in my ears.  Don’t you get bored of games?  I mean at some point you have to grow up right, or is that the point, to never grow old?  But the words don’t even matter as we float above everything.  The chessboard in front of us lit by the moonlight and those dark black eyes staring out at me, even the moonlight won’t touch them.  As a card floats in front of his eyes, he looks at it, has a brief, deep thought and makes his move on the chessboard.

How many people need to die until you feel it.  I know now, the way you are calculatedly destroying the Earth.  It’s all just a show.  And you feel nothing.  It is all too easy to forget that you are actually human.  I always have to remind myself that you are exactly what I am.  I do this just so I can see myself when I step over that line, just so I can understand the darkness embedded in me.  I hold the darkness in front of me.  Even though every part of me hates it, I hold it, feel it, because it is the only way I can ever understand what is making this world turn.  It continues to grow, even in my hands.  This is all you are isn’t it, and you don’t even question it.  You don’t even strive to be anything but a black hole.  And you can never escape can you?  I hear you cry for release

There you are wrong.  I cry for nothing.  You are getting too close, what makes you believe I will let you escape?

I always escape because I am everywhere.  And you need to continue studying me because you have never been this close either.  You also ask the wrong questions because what you are can’t possibly give you the power to form the right ones.  I am not a form, not a form of anyonething.  It is something else you see.  Thinking I’m a body and studying that…you cannot possibly learn what you think you will.  I am a spirit some sort of invisible substance that passes through everything, every rock, every grain of sand.  There is no way to control what I am and one day maybe you will accept that.

I will never accept that I can’t control something, we control everything.

Then why do you have so much fear?  Because everything you think you control has a life and a spirit and you have no understanding of what you control and that is dangerous wouldn’t you say?  What was once his form is now just a pulsating form of blackness, growing, it consumes the board and the pieces.  I stand unafraid.

I suppose you are not scared of what’s inside of me.  You are not scared of darkness?

I am scared of nothing because I feel everything, every second of every day.  The cries of love, the cries of pain, the blood saturating the Earth because of some such foolish idea, some thought that places you above others suffering by your hands.   I once again must travel inside the darkness, to peel off another layer of truth and when I see what he is flash before my eyes for a quick second, a small, small little boy, crying in the corner of his room, reaching for the mommy that isn’t there.  As I see this I’m reminded of all I can touch deep within myself as I take a firm grasp of my beating heart for in this is contained all that can never be owned.  As the black hole swallows me, I forget everything, but still hold my beating heart


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