Smashed Tv


“They held their heads with laughs of pain
They learned from men who’d just refrain
From glancing at a mirror’s face” Blue Oyster Cult

Ladies and gentlemen here I am.  Thrust into the spotlight since before I was born.  I am all there is to this thing.  I am the star, the joker, the fool.  I’ve heard you laughing at me since the beginning.  When I was throwing up, everyone thought that was so funny(audience laughing uproariously) My pain is hilarious to you(audience cheers)My friends reduced to products, that’s hilarious to you.  And what is all this about?(audience oohs) Every reaction from the audience continues to re-enforce the belief that maybe they are a little off, a little unreal.  I can’t be bothered with such thoughts.  My brain is beeping.  I try to ignore it.  It never goes away.(audience laughs and cheers) Beep…Reading the thoughts of my comrades, I am apparently the bomb.  Not sure if this is an abstract term.  This all rides on me.  But I’m not real.  I have to be honest now.  They’re using me.  The lights shine down and the audience claps and they don’t know why.  I need to look the other way as the hosts face is transforming into millions of different faces every second.  I open and close my eyes and it is still happening.  The audience doesn’t see this, nor do my comrades.  His words are attacking me but I can only hear beeping.  Help…I think there is a malfunction.  The host walks over to me and pushes me down to the floor to the delight of the audience. His face still revolving, my eyes fall back into my head.  Beep…The audience cheers once again.  Oh, please, please just get me out of here.  I’m not even real.  I swear it.  I recall my birth.  That nice gentle man.  Studying everything, a genuine interest in all living things.  He plucked me right from the ground.  I felt the soil of the earth, the veins and the insects comforting me as if I was their very own.   The sun warmed  my face as I stood atop the Earth for the first time.  I knew then I was here for a reason.  The man as he pulled me out of the ground reminded me of the words that have been penetrating me since I began growing -flow with what you are – He had a look of worry on his face as we heard a humming and he looked behind him to see his house on fire, his research, everything…The host’s infinitely revolving face is right above me as he is grabbing for my throat once again to the cheers of the audience.  As I touch the infinity of his face I find myself within his body.  The beeping stops.  I am now a game show host.  I miss the beeping.  I am gesturing to the audience, stirring them up and this is all out of my control.  I wave my hands over my comrades to the violent cheering of the audience.  My comrades are immediately morphed into giant sized versions of what they were.  They are now in the middle of Times Square.   Every step they take comes with the cheers of the audience and the destruction of New York City’s streets.  The audience is now standing and hooting and hollering and laughing like they’ve never seen anything greater.  My comrades are sending me quite dark vibes, screaming to be let out.  I don’t know how to leave either because my face is now traveling through infinity and I have lost the ability to focus on anything.  The military is now attacking the giant Triple Rainbow cookie, shooting missiles and dropping bombs as Rainbows are being shot from his hands, dissipating the missiles to rainbow sprinkles which drop harmlessly at the feet of those recently crushed by a giant cookie.  The audience loves this and each time I raise my hands they cheer louder and louder.  I’m going to have to use my imagination to get out of this one, but it will be quite the challenge as it is still traveling through infinity…


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