a roll of the dice

1167663-dice“Rebellion meant a look in the eyes, an inflexion of the voice, at the most, an occasional whispered word. But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no need to conspire. They needed only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning.” George Orwell

There was this humming, buzzing sound in my head.  For two days it never left.  It is a part of me now.  I stopped running.  I no longer saw the need because around every corner, something else, stronger, darker, would begin to follow.  The words started entering my head at a rapid clip

We must see the world through everyone’s eyes – Experience the sacredness of all – Use science for the common good of all – We don’t need weapons to kill or food to poison, we need to focus on healing

Our new religion was born.  A wave, slowly gathering force, my entire being was being swept away with the ideas flowing through my body.  It still didn’t have the ability to quiet that hum.  I close my eyes and feel that which is floating over my head, somewhere up there, studying me, attempting to feel what I was.  Far out in the universe, there is a large marble table.  Twelve faceless men sitting around it.  Cards in hand, fate of the world chained to their feet.  A roll of the dice and another civilization is in upheaval for commodities.  Still they have not figured out how to destroy the souls of the dispossessed. At times they are distracted by the bright beams of light that are interrupting their game.  They laugh at the large piles of ownership spread out on the table before them.  As each turn is taken, a piece of the Earth disappears.  The screams and the pain only with a slight shiver, are consumed as a commodity of energy that cannot be found in any other way.  Destruction, and the energy it produces,. the only reward.  This energy, more rare than gold itself.  They sensed danger in the air tonight.  Like a slow giant, their pieces were growing.  They have found the ability to communicate with each other.  They have found the ability to look up and see the strings that were pushing them in directions they did not choose.  A wave of the hand and another disaster falls upon our heads, but this only makes us stronger.  This only brings us together as the lines fade before us.  They followed me.  Their hands above me finding it harder to feel where or what I was.  My expansion was far outweighing their ideas of me.  It was becoming harder for them to gain control of what I was.  Existing to exist, fueled by the ideas of all who dream of a better world.  The roll of the dice bringing more earthquakes, more destruction as I flow through it with a smile on my face and a helping hand for all.  There is not much more I could do.  The faceless men gaze upon each other, with their money in their hands and they seem to be not far behind.  Confused at the thought that their money is being devalued.  They move their pieces across the board to counter this problem which is developing.  The monster before their eyes has infinite heads and there is no way for them to even contemplate its destruction. For every thought they have, the monster expands and grows before their thoughts can even touch it.  The hum stops and the sun beams down.  As I walk through the destruction wrought upon us I see clearly a goal up ahead.  I feel the cracks connecting one another and being one another.  I no longer have any reason to fear the sky, or those holding the dice.  As our ideas grow bigger, we become all we ever were, the infinite consciousness that now becomes our only breath.  As we expand their game grows smaller and smaller, the board barely perceptible, and their game, just a game between themselves


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