Division lines


“The ends you serve that are selfish will take you no further than yourself but the ends you serve that are for all, in common, will take you into eternity.”
Marcus Garvey

That was what I heard.  Growing up, I didn’t have to guess I was still a slave, I was told it.  From the beginning my parents said sorry we brought you here.  We tried not to but you wanted to come.  I’m pretty sure they were lying. – Wait a fuckin minute you want my story this is it…There can never be too much truth they told me, I had good parents.  Maybe no one believed in me.  Maybe no one thought I’d be a leader in AR2, but they did.  No, no, I’m really not worried about experiencing my entire life in three seconds.  Oh shit…I forgot about those things- No, this is my time…Like the hand of god I see his hands over my head, I am on my knees, this was not in my control.  To the cheers of the audience he seems to be praying over me as I collapse to the floor.  I become wavelike particles with the power of my mind.  A flutter of my hand, as my body falls and I enter his.  I try to block the feelings I’m receiving from his mind as I overtake his body.   The audience cheers at my lifeless body as I raise my  now priestly hands – Ladies and gentlemen I want to tell you now what the problem is.  Look to your left and your right.  The first thing you see is what is different about you.(what was previously my lifeless body is now slowly coming to life with the twitch of a hand) This person is different because of their clothes or their smell, draw the lines any which way and all it is, division.(boos and jeers from the audience) So okay, maybe I did sell the revolution(the audience quite confused) what did I sell really besides a word.  That’s all it was, because if you come to my neighborhood, there is not a revolution going on, but evolution, we are changing, we are coming to terms of what we are, by understanding where we came from and where we’re going.(boos from the audience as my old body raises it’s hand, then ooohhh…) Revolution is what happens when the poor learn too much of the truth and those with power try to consolidate and create more division. (It appears the audience is sleeping but stirred awake as my previous body learns to stand on its feet.) If you knew history you would know who funds the revolutions and why.  You see, I sold revolution back to them for a profit.  I did exactly what they do, but I am funding an evolution now.  Maybe the fact that evolution needs to be funded is the fundamental problem, but I never claimed to have all the answers(my previous body, oddly resembling Frankenstein is walking towards me with it’s hands grasping for me)We are all like dying animals though, aren’t we?  The animal that hides so no one watches it dying, we are hiding our slow dying process from everyone else.  We are born and thrust into death.  It’s everywhere(Frankenstein attempting to overpower me with his eyes as I run in circles during my sermon)death, this worship of death, there is no more interest in life but no one anywhere sees the need to question this.  Instead of hiding your dying process, open to your living process, regardless of opinion, this is all we have left, live!(My previously lifeless body grabs a hold of my throat, I quiet my mind , attempting to become in owl to fly us out of here.  As I close my eyes, I am now on the floor.  I am not an owl.  I am a PS4, and I’m pissed.  I feel something enter me and I die a million deaths.  I gain a million deaths but immediately experience them blown to pieces.  All the frustrations of every male from 6-55 entering and exiting me simultaneously.  Needless to say I did not anticipate this.  I look to my other comrades, a soda bottle and a cookie and I assure them through my mind that everything’s going to be okay.  I still have one more card to pull, but time’s getting short and as I’m living a billion lives a minute, I can’t really feel any of them


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