Trapped in a triple rainbow


“Adherence to doctrinal truth confers substantial reward, not only acceptance within the system of power and a ready path to privilege, but also the inestimable advantage of freedom from the onerous demands of thought, inquiry and argument.  Conformity frees one from the burden of evidence, and rational argument is superfluous while one is marching in an approved parade.”  Noam Chomsky

I stopped marching in that parade a long time ago.  I experienced everything I ever felt…in three seconds.  I was not amused.   Questions were being asked, but I refused to answer.  The truth is, are you ready, the truth is…this here, it’s my story, but there are so many people trying to take it over that I no longer know where to turn.  Apparently they know everything about me and are attempting to use it against me.  Again this doesn’t amuse me, nor does it really bother me.  They are trying to divide us, the usual story.  Lights flash in my eyes.  I think I’m being dragged somewhere by my feet.  It feels like a massage now.  It hurts a little and now there is some sort of piercing screech surrounding my ear.  I begin sweating but I have no control over this.  I myself am now an impenetrable wall.  Sifting through my thoughts…I’ve also been here, every goddamn day of my life, numbered, filed, softly targeted, when has my mind truly ever been my own?  They don’t see it yet.  The audience points and laughs at me as they are covering me in…I don’t know, it could be shit for all I know, rainbow colored shit, covering my face, eyes, I’m swimming in it.  This culture is so goddamn tiring, laughs, applause.  They don’t see themselves slowly being eaten from the inside, fiendishly defending the source of their ignorance.  Why have they the power they have.  They believe in an outdated idea of what power is.  A piece of paper.  They still cling to this idea and of course it’s tendrils control me as well.  But what is it really that forces one to choose to not use their minds…apparently my philosophical dissertation must stop because I am now a Triple Rainbow Cookie

I’m one fucking angry cookie right now.  What’s at the end of the rainbow?  Oh please, please come and see.  Cookies don’t have legs, but I’m still loaded with hate.  I am placed next to Winona, she is reaching out for me, but her hands can’t get passed the bottle she is encased in.  I feel her touch me in a wave of eternal love. A feeling I’m truly not quite able to explain.  I look in her eyes and know she feels it, the wave flowing from my soul, reaching her and becoming her.  The audience is in an uproar as we stare deeply into each other’s eyes.  We laugh a bit at our present situation, but everything is still going according to plan, I assure you we know exactly what is going on.  But we are helpless, unable to move and the power of our minds only takes us as far as our concentration can hold and that’s not very far when you’ve become a cookie and your friend is a soda bottle and the whole world is laughing at you.  Winona reaches out and through the power of her mind touches the deepest depths of my soul.  The audience is still laughing at us and the host of the show, dressed like a priest, maybe he is a priest for all I know, stands over us as he is in the act of spilling holy water upon us.  Cash rains down from the sky.  Cheers, applause , screaming, stomping of feet.  Given my predicament I can’t help but laugh.  I wasn’t anticipating this shit, but I am not at all surprised.  As the cash continues to flow.  I  know that this will be ending soon.  Our exit will give the audience the excitement they need to quiet their souls for a little longer.  The priest hands me a wad of cash as the audience instantly grows quiet.  With all the power of my mind the cash is lit on fire in a circle around us, to the delight of Winona and myself, and the dismay of the audience.  Cookies don’t need any fuckin money



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