Are you Experienced?(tm)


“What I am saying is that one of the ways that people justify oppressing people of any alternative gender or sexuality is by saying that the social norm is natural. That is, it originates in the authority of Nature itself. In other words, it comes from god, an authority to which to appeal. All of this is, in fact, a complete fabrication, a construction. There is no ‘natural‘ sex, because ‘sex’ itself as a medical or cultural category is nothing more the momentary outcome of battles over who owns the meanings of the category. There is a great deal wider variation in genetics than most people except geneticists realize, but we make that invisible through language. The way we make it invisible through language is by having no words for anything except male and female. One of the ways our culture erases people is by not having words for them. That does it absolutely. When there’s nothing to describe you, you are effectively invisible.” Sandy Stone

-I’ve been working here for…oh, ten years, is that right?

{-Oh whatever you say}

-I have three kids a loving husband and it’s like everyday is a Revolution(tm)

{When Winona Luna first started at Revolution(tm) she was fourteen…ahem I mean eighteen and she had her whole life ahead of her, bright eyed and ready for anything.  We knew we had an employee for life.  But things certainly change.  Her fortunes seemed to decline about five years into her employment here.  It had nothing to do with the fact that wages were steadily decreasing ten percent since she first started, and we owned the apartments she was living in which were inversely increasing ten percent, and please, we don’t need to hear foolish cries of indentured servitude…boooo we say to all of that booo.  Hell corporate profits were at an all time high, but we don’t need to hear all of that, we all need to get together and understand we are all in on this, just not the money making part…there’s something making me tell a little too much truth today…oh hell, it doesn’t matter, no one listens either way.}

{So you say there is something, dare I say following you at night}(laughter from the audience)

-Yes, yes it’s a small boy and he’s always talking to me, reaching out for me but I can’t understand him, but he is always there when I close my eyes.

{Maybe you’re being…}(moaning anticipation from the audience) {chased by your former penis} (cheering and laughter from the audience) A close up of Winona’s face, tears falling down as Winona wanders on the set staring at the robotic version of her she curiously watches as the robot answers in tears

-I just can’t get away from it (audience moans) Overtime I close my eyes it is there…and…and when it is time at night for my husband (audience again moans) it is not his that is there, but it’s…it’s mine(audience laughs and cheers)

-You can’t just dismantle me like this on television, I’m a goddamn human being!

{Will you fight for it?}

-Fight for what?

{For your humanity}(Audience screams, laughs and loudly claps and stomps on the ground)The word DUEL flashes across the screen as the crying robot slaps her real counterpart across the face calling her a bitch(cheers from the audience are resounding)

I raise my arms in the air to quiet everyone.  Oddly they all become silent and my robot is looking at me, trying to figure out what I am, or what it is.

-I just have one question for this…this me that is standing beside me, trying to kill me.  Now why would you EVER want to hurt your own self?  (Audience confused chatter)

The robot me explodes from the brain down to the confused cheers and jeers of the audience.  I hear a stomping coming towards me.

{we knew you were the one for us.  We are so happy to officially make you an employee for life, now you are a permanent member of the Revolution(tm) team}

I giant what seems to be mechanical soda bottle comes sliding across the stage and pushes me down to the ground.  Without a thought I am now inside the bottle looking out at the world, encased in glass, being consumed by the bubbly goodness of what is eighty percent of my body

I Am Revolution(tm)



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