images-4“Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power.” Benito Mussolini

Closing your eyes is a good thing
It is the only thing we can do now.
But it can no longer protect us because what we are feeling is not only coming from the outside, it is inside all of us now.
There is a pill to cure it. A screen to make us forget. We are existing so far outside of ourselves. Our consciousness so spread out upon the map of the world, that we are ceasing to exist at all.
There is a website where the falsification of our lives can exist for everyone to see. There is one where every instance we can show a picture and read comments about what we don’t see in front of us.
Andy Warhol was wrong, 15 minutes of fame…we have fame every second of every day where falsehood and truth don’t only co-exist but are the same, there’s so much bullshit here that nothing exists anymore because my fucking identity is so strong it doesn’t even matter what it is. It’s a number and a card and it has purchasing power which isn’t even real but i’ll shove it down your fucking throat with my Tesla and my fucking organic juice and food that isn’t even food and it’s all coming out of my ass now for all the world to see but it’s not even that because there are so many things to see that they can’t even be seen anymore. I love myself so much because I’m eco friendly and I fight for social justice when I contribute a dollar at Whole Foods to some cause I can’t even understand. People fighting for air to breathe, and that last drop of water, maybe I need to pile the bodies outside my door to understand my ignorance is what’s fueling the massive genocide of all life.
And what of those that are starving and drowning in their own pain? They just don’t work hard enough do they? And what of those lost, track marks up and down their arms, their last tooth dangling by a thread, they’re not even real are they? And what of that thin line that separates us all. That credit card balance that exists somewhere…up, no where really because even that’s not real.
What of the word EMPATHY, that doesn’t really exist much here anymore. And what is it you’re protecting? Is it your identity, which you have to protect with insurance and 24 hour surveillance to make sure what you are on paper can never be stolen as long as it is being watched by someone.
And what of the enemy, the faceless gigantic name printed across a billboard, or on my email with more rights then I can ever think of but still not even real. It’s there but the face…is it words thought up in some boardroom by some post graduate entitled prick to enter my sub-conscious and never leave. And what of that prick and their responsibility in all of this…responsibility, now there is a word that doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning these days because everything I do, my contribution to world hunger through a fake number from a piece of plastic at the push of a button, my purchase of a $100 football jersey made by a poor Chinese worker, steamed clean of the blood dripping from their hands, they have to eat somehow right. And that voting pull, our full responsibility here, voting for screaming walls, forgetting it is us, we are the ones screaming at the wall of our own selves, hiding from what we are to each other and the world. That faceless all encompassing corporation feeding upon the world sucking it dry of all life hiding behind anything that would shield it from the reality in the mirror. The reality behind that mirror is that behind Walmart and Google, Coca Cola and GE,is our face and our unopened eyes. This is not to say we are inherently evil this is to say until those eyes open to what is in front of us, change is only something we pull down every four years to make ourselves feel better and not even yet an idea. When we feel all this we created, everything to defend ourselves from life and thought, to protect our childhood, until we can see ourselves for what we can be, does this veil of bullshit begin to deteriorate. We can be beauty and truth and love and perfection, understanding and strength, but we can be none of these things alone.


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